Fixation System

The FuseFORCE is a shape-memory, compression-ready fixation system that can be used in fixation for fractures, fusions or osteotomies of the bones in the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot. The compressive properties and stepped-tooth design resists pull-out. See the accompanying Sizing Reference for examples of use from similar procedures.

Sterile, Single-use Kit
The FuseFORCE Fixation System is delivered sterile with disposable corresponding instrumentation. Its compression on release design provides a constant compressive force. Available in a full-spectrum of sizes from 8x8mm to 25x22mm, with leg diameters matched to overall size. Each package contains one each: Implant, Inserter, Reamer, Reamer Guide and Locator Pin.

End-Loaded, No Handling
The Inserter / Implant combo allows for No-Touch implantation with the simple twist-release-compress design. The end-loaded system provides an ULTRA low-profile release and no handling of the Implant required.

The FuseFORCE Fixation System Advantages:

  • Sterile, Disposable Implant Kit with Instrumentation
  • End-Loaded onto inserter
    [no handling required]
  • Simple twist-release/compress
  • Compression Loaded: No heat/temperatureactivation required, Compression on Release
  • Constant Compressive Force
  • Efficient, ULTRA low-profile: Size matchesprocedure