External Fixation System

The SALVATION External Fixation System is designed to address fractures, nonunions, and complex foot and ankle deformities including Charcot neuroarthropathy. The system relies on proven techniques utilizing tensioned thin wires, half-pins, and rings. The SALVATION External Fixation System incorporates many new features to assist with proper frame positioning and increase frame application efficiency. The slotted ring design allows for frame components to be attached quickly and easily, while minimizing the need to assemble small, threaded components together.

The system includes components to assist in positioning the foot and lower leg within the frame and maintain appropriate position throughout the surgery. In addition, the Wire Guide allows for precise placement of the wire on the ring to minimize the need for additional connection components and decrease additional surgical steps. The SALVATION External Fixation System may be used for definitive treatment as the sole fixation device, or used in conjunction with the SALVATION Beams and Bolts or the SALVATION 3Di Midfoot Plating System

Key Benefits

  • Proven 3Di locking technology allows for screws to be placed up to 15 degrees off-axis
  • Screws feature an osteopenic thread profile to enhance purchase in poor quality bone
  • Medial column plate styles provide options that match patient anatomy