Committed to You

Wright leads the way with an impressive history of ground-breaking products for the foot and ankle industry.

In 2006, we set out to bring a new focus to our company.

We focused on a commitment to:photocollage2
• Top service
• Industry-leading society support
• Powerful medical education events
• Patient education and outreach
• Bringing cost savings to your facility


Recognized Market Leader In Foot & Ankle
Frost & Sullivan Foot & Ankle Marketing Report 2008
Pearl Diver Survey: Ortho This Week Spring 2015

“Wright’s TAR Systems Are Used More Than Other Competitive TAR Systems”
Pearl Diver Survey: Ortho This Week Spring 2015

Wright Has the Most Comprehensive Offering of Products for F&A Surgeons
Pearl Diver Survey: Ortho This Week Spring 2015

Wright's History of Innovation in Foot & Ankle Products
  • SWANSON Flexible Hinge Toe


  • NEW DEAL™ distributor

  • GRAFTJACKET® Regenerative Tissue Matrix

  • CHARLOTTE® Fixation System

  • DARCO® Plates


  • DARCO® Headed Screws

  • AM™ SURGICAL Tissue Release

  • BIOARCH® Subtalar Implant

  • INBONE® Total Ankle

  • BIOTAPE® Matrix

  • ORTHOLOC® Calcaneal Fracture System

  • VALOR®Ankle Fusion Nail System

  • INBONE® II Total Ankle Replacement

  • PRO-TOE® VO Hammertoe Implant

  • ORTHOLOC® 3Di Ankle Fracture Plating System

  • CLAW® II Compression Plate

  • ORTHOLOC® 3Di Foot Recon System

  • ORTHOLOC® 3Di Ankle Fusion Plating System

  • INFINITY® Total Ankle Replacement

Committed to Top Service

greenmanWhile most orthopaedic companies service your account with reps that spend only a fraction of their time focused on foot and ankle, we believe you deserve better.

Wright employs the industry’s first and only
sales force totally dedicated to serving you,
the foot and ankle surgeon.

Our goal is simply to understand and address your needs better than any other company.

Ask your representative about these Advanced Qualifications.

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Committed to Leading Society Support

supportThe need has never been stronger to partner with key foot and ankle professional societies.

Support of society-directed research, fellowships, and mission programs are some of the ways we support the objectives of the specialty.

Since 2008, Wright has maintained top level sponsorship status and plans to continue this commitment with prominent foot and ankle societies.

Committed to Powerful Med Ed Events

semi_education_wrightWith the rapid increase in new products to help enhance patient outcomes comes a heavy need for surgical training.

We have trained over 1,000 surgeons on our products and we will continue to increase our efforts in this area by adding incremental new courses to meet your training needs.

Wright’s trainings are intensive and most incorporate a cadaveric experience for every participant.

Please visit our Medical Education Events page for lab and meeting details. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.

Committed to Quality Patient Ed Materials

PB-PR-PLWright is committed to assisting our surgeons in their efforts to educate patients.

We offer programs to assist you with reaching current patients or in reaching out to the general public:

  • – An online user interface to order and personalize patient education materials
  • Public Relations – Wright is vigilant in pitching local media outlets regarding our unique products, techniques & patient outcome successes
  • Physician Locator – Be a part of our online Physician Locator program used by patients looking for users of Wright’s products

Be sure to ask your Wright rep for more information on these important programs.

By consolidating your foot and ankle
product purchases to Wright,
significant cost savings could be realized.

Be sure to ask your Wright Representative for more information by calling 800-238-7117. Or visit us online at our Find My Sales Rep Locator.