Regenerative Tissue Matrix

Is GRAFTJACKET® Regenerative Tissue Matrix
Right For You?

The GRAFTJACKET® Matrix is used to provide supplemental support, protection, and reinforcement of tendon and ligamentous tissue; to be used as a periosteal patch or covering; or for protection and support of bone and tendons.

It is a human dermal collagen template that is readily incorporated into the body. The Matrix undergoes a patented process that renders the material essentially acellular and is freeze-dried with a proprietary process that prevents the formation of ice crystals to preserve the intact matrix including vascular channels.

The GRAFTJACKET® Matrix provides a scaffold for host cell repopulation, revascularization and, ultimately, conversion to host tissue. Coupled with excellent tensile and suture retention strength, the biological characteristics of the GRAFTJACKET® Matrix make it an excellent scaffold to reinforce primary soft-tissue repairs throughout the body while eliminating morbidity associated with harvesting autograft.