Surgeon Observations

Concerned that your bone graft resorbs too fast, lacks strength, or sticks around too long never converting to bone? PRO-DENSE® Graft Delivers:

Intra-operative Strength AND Bone Regeneration


“PRO-DENSE® Graft is providing the ideal process: dense, strong healing early coinciding with graft resorption, followed by remodeling to normal bone.”
J. Tracy Watson, MD
St. Louis University Medical Center – St. Louis, MO

“PRO-DENSE® Graft appears to be an excellent synthetic autograft substitute.”
Joseph Borrelli, Jr, MD
UT Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas, TX

“PRO-DENSE® Graft is the ideal product in situations of bone loss: The unique calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate combination allows the graft to be absorbed at an ideal rate as it is being replaced by bone.”
Raffy Mirzayan, MD
Kaiser Permanente – Los Angeles, CA

See package insert for indications, contraindications, and warnings.