1. What is this transition and why is it happening?

  • Wright is consolidating the Wright and legacy Tornier Lower Extremity businesses into one system and one distribution channel.
  • This is being done to provide enhanced service to our customers with a single point of contact.
  • This transition also enables Wright to become more efficient in how we run our business.
  • The result of this change will be that all Tornier Lower Extremity products will be invoiced by Wright and NOT Tornier.

2. What is the impact to you, our valued customer?

  • We request that you make the necessary changes in your systems to be able to issue a Purchase Order to Wright after a surgery occurs and to receive and pay an invoice from Wright.
  • This typically requires you to change the vendor in the product-vendor relationship to reflect Wright and NOT Tornier.
  • If you have NOT historically done business with Wright, please let us know how we can assist you in getting Wright established as the vendor for Tornier Lower Extremity products.
  • Each legacy Tornier customer has received a letter confirming the effective date for its transition. Since the changes are rolling out regionally, not all accounts have the same transition date. If you are uncertain of your effective date, please email us at [email protected].
  • For surgeries prior to your effective date, please continue to issue Purchase Orders to Tornier and to pay invoices as indicated on the invoices that you have received.
  • For surgeries after your effective date, please issue Purchase Orders to Wright. You will then receive invoices from Wright for payment. Please note the changes to payment addresses on invoices received from Wright.
  • Wright’s Taxpayer Identification is #62-1532765.
  • Please contact Matt Neil at [email protected] with any additional invoicing or payment-related questions.

3. What specific products are impacted?

  • This transition relates to Tornier Lower Extremity products only.
  • Wright products and Tornier Upper Extremity products are not impacted at this time.
  • Please click below to download a complete list of all Tornier Lower Extremity part numbers and descriptions. The list is available in Excel and PDF file formats.