Why is MICRONAIL Intramedullary Fixation System Different?
Traditional treatment options can have complications, including pain and loss of functions caused by the implant being placed on the exterior of the bone.

The MICRONAIL System addresses these common concerns and also allows patients limited use of their injured wrist almost immediately following surgery. (Source: CORR, April 2006)

The MICRONAIL Fixation System requires only two small 1 inch incisions, allowing for minimally-invasive (MIS) surgery completely in bone. Conversely, traditional plating systems typically require a large 5-6 inch incision.

The MICRONAIL Fixation System is implemented, uniquely, inside the bone.

The MICRONAIL System is implanted completely inside the bone, providing immediate stability and minimizing the possibility of irritation to surrounding soft tissue. In addition, the less-invasive approach used to implant the device allows patients a more speedy recovery. (Source: CORR, April 2006)

Eliminating the “2nd Injury” Through Percutaneous Nailing
The MICRONAIL Distal Radius Fixation System allows the surgeon to treat the majority of distal radius fractures through a percutaneous approach. By reducing or eliminating the “2nd injury” of surgical trauma, the surgeon shortens the entire spectrum of treatment and enables a rapid return to normal patient activity.