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Who We Are

Access Wright is a healthcare solutions team with a wide range of reimbursement offerings to help you navigate your reimbursement and market access needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate patient access barriers and increase access to Wright Medical’s innovative products and procedural solutions by advocating for appropriate access, coding, coverage and payment.

All Wright Products

  • General coding and reimbursement questions
  • Medicare unadjusted national average payment rates1

AUGMENT® Regenerative Solutions

  • Education on AUGMENT® pass-through payment billing requirements

CARTIVA® Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI)

  • Preauthorization assistance for patients whose commercial health insurance plans have non-coverage policies for CARTIVA® SCI
  • Assistant with preauthorization denials and post service claims denials for any commercial payer, on an as needed basis
1. Reimbursement rates are predetermined by individual contracts between providers and payers. The Helpline staff is not able to confirm the contracted or reimbursable rates on your behalf.
2. These services require a Business Associate Agreement and Completion of a Benefits Verification / Prior Authorization Form.

AUGMENT® Regenerative Solutions

AUGMENT® Pass-Through Payment Announcement Letter
AUGMENT® Pass-Through Resource Flyer
AUGMENT® Regenerative Solutions Reimbursement Guide
AUGMENT® Sample Appeal Letter
FAQ: AUGMENT® Device Transitional Pass-Through Payment

BIOSKIN® Amniotic Wound Matrix

BIOSKIN® Helpline Brochure
BIOSKIN® Reimbursement Guide
BIOSKIN® Value Analysis Committee (VAC) Packet

CARTIVA® Synthetic Cartilage Implant

CARTIVA® Helpline Brochure
CARTIVA® Value Analysis Committee (VAC) Packet
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