UDI Cross References at Wright

  Please note that this web page will be obsolete soon, and the service will be transferred to Stryker UDI webpage.

How to get UDI for devices without UDI labels:

When labels are not present, UDI information can be derived by combining available production-specific identification information on devices with a cross referencing tool.

Listed below are multiple ways to obtain a device’s GTIN from its catalog numbers or descriptions when labels are not present.

Download GTIN Cross Reference Catalog (Spreadsheet) directly below and search by catalog number.
Note: GTINs are Global Trade Item Numbers used throughout Wright’s global supply chain and are not used exclusively for UDI. The Cross Reference Catalog includes active and obsolete products. Products listed may not be available for ordering within all markets.

You can find the Wright UDI Cross References on the UDI Stryker page, and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Download Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs),
  • Register yourself,
  • Click on “Download All items (no barcodes)” button to download the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Open the Excel file, you can find our products by selecting TEW in the Division column.

Email [email protected] to have a UDI Cross Reference sheet emailed directly to your inbox. Enter the sales order number, kit catalog number, or device catalog number in the subject field (separate multiple items by commas or semicolons). Instructions for how to use UDI Cross Reference Sheets are below.

Call your Service or Sales Representative to have a UDI Cross Reference sheet mailed to your location or emailed directly to your inbox. Instructions for how to use UDI Cross Reference Sheets are below.

How to use UDI Cross Reference Sheets:

Important: Please refrain from storing paper copies. Obtain a new UDI Cross Reference Sheet during kit replenishment or before device use.

Print UDI cross reference sheets using the following recommended print parameters:

Orientation: Landscape, Paper Size: Letter (8.5″ x 11″), Print Quality: 1200 x 1200 dpi (minimum)

Prior to Surgery
Obtain new UDI Cross Reference Sheets (see instructions directly above).
Stage the UDI Cross Reference Sheets in the O.R.
Check GTIN and correct ‘Qty Per’ for each kit component and/or device staged in O.R. (If a device is not listed on your current UDI cross reference sheet, one can be obtained via the methods listed above.)

During Surgery
Reference the etching on the device or tray location to identify the catalog number for the device. Use this catalog number to identify the applicable row on the UDI Cross Reference Sheet. (If a catalog number is not visible, identify the device using the device descriptions on the UDI Cross Reference Sheet.)
On the UDI Cross reference sheet, handwrite the Lot No or Serial No (N/A if unavailable), a colon (:) and the quantity of devices used in the space provided (see example above).
Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each device used.
Sign and date ‘Qty Used Complete By:’ fields at the end of each sheet used.

Following Surgery
Utilize completed Cross Reference sheet to transfer device usage information into Patient's Health Records.
Store or dispose of used Cross Reference sheets per your organization’s good documentation policies (GDP).