Our Business

Wright Medical Group N.V. is a global medical device company focused on Extremities and Biologics. The company is committed to delivering innovative, value-added solutions improving quality of life for patients worldwide and is a recognized leader of surgical solutions for the upper extremities (shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand), lower extremities (foot and ankle) and biologics markets, three of the fastest growing segments in orthopaedics.

At Wright, we adhere to a High Performance Management System (HPMS), an integrated process by which we involve and align our team to accomplish our goals and objectives. We execute this data driven process to find the right things and do them right. We are committed to world-class performance achieved through focusing on the fact-based, prioritized needs of our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Our Vision and Mission are at the heart of what we do and believe. We look to each and every employee to provide fresh insights and innovative ideas to help achieve our Vision and we recognize the important role each and every employee plays in support of our Mission.