Wright Medical is pleased to introduce the new SALVATION 2 Limb Salvage product portfolio. This portfolio is made up of 3 different product platforms that can be used individually or together in a complementary manner for advanced limb salvage cases.

The products that make up the SALVATION 2 Limb Salvage System


Designed with a focus on strength, versatility, and low-profile anatomic contours.

Enhanced, contoured plate profile designed for additional stability. Two different medial column plate styles to provide more options when matching patient anatomy

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External Fixation System

The SALVATION 2 External Fixation System is designed to address fractures, nonunions, and complex foot and ankle deformities including Charcot neuroarthropathy. The system relies on proven techniques utilizing tensioned thin wires, half-pins, and rings.

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Fusion Bolts and Beams

The SALVATION 2 Fusion Bolts and Beams System is designed to address the unique demands of advanced midfoot reconstruction. This system focuses on treating cases such as neuropathic deformity requiring arthrodesis of the medial and lateral columns, with or without corrective osteotomie

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Midfoot Nail

The SALVATION 2 Midfoot Nail is an 8mm intramedullary device that provides superior strength* and controlled compression through a cannulated technique.

*Data on File – The SALVATION™ Midfoot Nail is 3.75x and 2.4x stronger than the cannulated beam and solid bolt (respectively) in bend testing.

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