Surgeon Testimonials

Matthew Putnam, MD
University of Minnesota

“I use the MICRONAIL [System] confident of a desirable outcome in most of my extra-articular fracture patients who elect surgical treatment for their fracture.”

Joseph Thoder, MD, Chairman
Temple University Hospital

“Over the past 2 years, the MICRONAIL [System] has become my implant of choice for metaphyseal non-articular and minimally displaced articular fractures of the distal radius, as well as for corrective osteotomy of mal-united fractures. We have over 150 in our clinical series. Over that time, patient outcomes have demonstrated shorter times to independent use of the injured arm and returned to functional activities, with no cases of implant failure or need for removal. This has led to much greater patient satisfaction compared to previous standard/traditional methods of fixation in similar patient populations and fracture patterns.”

Joseph F Slade, III, MD
Yale University

“Many of my patients have extremely active lives and require a quick return to “sports competition” or “work”. For the fast recovery from wrist fractures, minimally invasive (percutaneous) surgery using the MICRONAIL [System] is the quickest treatment and simplest solution for these patients”

Rafael Delgado, MD
Madrid, Spain

“Treatment of distal radius fractures with the intramedullary, minimally-invasive MICRONAIL [System] permits us to significantly reduce the classical consequences of these fractures, from both a functional and aesthetic perspective. It is possible to obtain a complete recovery, with no immobilization whatsoever from the time of surgery, in only a few weeks post-injury.”

Brian Schafer, MD
Cape Girardeau, MO

“I have found it to be a great implant for two and simple 3 part distal radius fractures that I would have placed in external fixators before I had this device. I can begin EARLY ROM and the patients like it because they don’t have to deal with the big bulky contraption sticking out of their arm.”

Virak Tan, MD
New Jersey School of Medicine

“Our experience has shown that the minimally invasive approach for the MICRONAIL System is in fact allowing FASTER RETURN OF HAND AND WRIST FUNCTION when compared to volar plating, dorsal plating and casting.”

Randy Bindra, MD
University of Arkansas

“With proximal and distal locking capabilities and good canal fill, the MICRONAIL System is by far the most STABLE IM FIXATION for the distal radius.”

Mark Warburton, MD
High Point Regional, NC

“The MICRONAIL System has proven to be a great advance in radius fracture care. The minimally invasive insertion coupled with firm intramedullary fixation has resulted in early return of function and HIGH PATIENT SATISFACTION. We have performed over seventy MICRONAIL procedures and have not had to remove one.”

Matthew Putnam, MD
University of Minnesota

“The security of fixation of the MICRONAIL System is amazing and the MINIMAL POST-OPERATIVE EDEMA appears to directly translate into less pain and early recovery of functional motion. This tool has been among the most satisfying additions to my practice – EVER.”

Joseph Thoder, MD
Temple University

“I have made the MICRONAIL System my TREATMENT OF CHOICE for metaphyseal fractures of the distal radius that are non-articular or non-displaced intra-articular. Comparing the functional gains for my MICRONAIL System patients to those treated with Percutaneous pinning or external fixation shows much earlier return to independence in the MICRONAIL System patients.”

Robert Van Uden, MD
McComb, MS

“In unstable distal radius fractures with an intact radial styloid, which can be reduced by closed means, the MICRONAIL System gives excellent initial stability, which enables patients toDISCONTINUE SPLINTING WITHIN ONE TO TWO WEEKS to work on ROM and light activities within four to eight weeks post fracture- a significant advantage over other treatment options.”

John Capo, MD
New Jersey School of Medicine

“The MICRONAIL System provides ADVANTAGES TO BOTH SURGEONS AND PATIENTS that cannot be replicated by any plating system.”

Joseph F Slade, III, MD
Yale University

“Dorsal plating of distal radius fractures often results in complications due to the proximity of tendons and nerves to these metal implants. The ability to introduce an intramedullary device completely within the distal radius for the rigid fixation of selected fractures prevents these complications and PERMITS THE EARLY RECOVERY OF HAND FUNCTION.”

Diane Riley, MD
Windsor, VT

“The MICRONAIL System is the most phenomenal break-through for the treatment of wrist fractures from the stand-point of INCREDIBLE STABILITY AND EASE OF APPLICATION.”

Scott Neff, DO
Des Moines, IA

“The MICRONAIL System involves significantly less surgical dissection, SIGNIFICANTLY LESS RISK TO ANATOMY and is technically much easier [than a volar plate].”