Injectable Inductive Graft


Key Benefits

Accelerated Healing*

  • Minimally-Invasive Application
  • Augment Provisional Hardware**
  • Osteoinductive to support Bone Remodeling

*Canine proximal humerus model: Accelerated healing compared to autograft –Compared to autograft, PRO-STIM™ Graft showed accelerated new bone formation at 13 and 26 weeks. This was evident by the slightly higher average stiffness, the greater amount of average new bone formation, and statistically significantly greater compressive strength shown for PRO-STIM™ Graft treated defects. By comparing the 26-week clinical and contact radiographs and gross cross-sectional images and histological images, there appeared to be little to no apparent difference between defects filled with either PRO-STIM™ Graft or autograft. Comparison of percentage of new bone, compressive strength, and modulus of elasticity showed no statistically significant differences between the materials at 26 weeks. It is unknown how results from the canine model compare with clinical results in humans. Data on file at Wright.

**The cured paste acts as a temporary support media during surgery and is not intended to provide structural support during the healing process.