January 28, 2015
Artificial Ankle Gave Me My Job (and Life) Back
Lititz, Pa.
The Pennsylvania Fireman, Lititz, Pa.

Firefighter and Northampton, Pa. resident Deven Knoll provides a firsthand account of the many years he suffered with ankle pain, the effect it had on his life and career, and his experience undergoing a total ankle replacement. Deven’s passion in life was his job as a firefighter, however after nearly 30 years of dealing with increasingly severe ankle pain, it became too difficult to continue and he was almost forced into early retirement.

A few months before doing so, Deven met with Dr. Jason Piraino, who was then at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia and learned that he was an ideal candidate for the INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement. Having the surgery in 2011 not only allowed Deven to live his life pain-free, but also to continue the job he loves. He is currently a Lieutenant in the Bethlehem, Pa. fire department.

The opinion of Deven Knoll is his alone and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Wright Medical. These results are specific to this individual only. Individual results and activity levels after surgery vary and depend on many factors including age, weight and prior activity level. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery and there are certain individuals who should not undergo surgery.

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