August 01, 2019
Wright Medical Launches New Educational Resources to Encourage Patients to Seek Help for Ankle and Big Toe Arthritis

Campaigns help patients identify their symptoms and directs them to physicians to get them back on their feet

Many people living with ankle arthritis or big toe osteoarthritis endure excruciating pain for years before seeking treatment. Because these conditions progress slowly over time, people may see their physical decline as simply an expected part of aging and often accept the reality of struggling with everyday activities – including walking – as their new normal. Wright Medical has launched an educational campaign to encourage people to better understand their symptoms and find physicians well-versed in new technologies and procedures that can help.

The campaign, supported by Wright Medical’s MoveWright™ and CARTIVA® brands, are centered around two online resources – and Each website is designed to help people understand their specific condition with detailed information about it and potential treatments. Each destination includes a symptom checker to provide a clear understanding of their condition, as well as a physician finder to connect them with health professionals who can diagnose it and offer appropriate treatments. The websites will be promoted through media and digital advertising to ensure reach to those consumers most in need of a new approach to managing their condition.

“Our interactions with patients have shown that many live in great pain for years, forcing them to forego activities they enjoy,” said Guy Guglielmino, Vice President, Lower Extremities Marketing. “Wright Medical believes that developing innovative solutions to help physicians better serve patients is only part of the job. We are proud to connect people on their journey to information they need to understand their condition and to the physicians that will help them get back on their feet.”

For more information and to explore these tools, visit or

About Wright Medical
Wright Medical Group N.V. is uniquely positioned with leading technologies and specialized sales forces in three of the fastest growing areas of orthopaedics – Upper Extremities, Lower Extremities and Biologics. That leadership is further enhanced by one of the most comprehensive extremity and biologic product portfolios in the industry as well as strong platforms for future new product development. From new material technologies to advanced products and instrumentation, Wright is committed to delivering innovative, value-added solutions improving quality of life for patients worldwide.

About MoveWright Total Ankle Replacement (TAR)
MoveWright TAR is for end-stage ankle arthritis. In ankle replacement, the physician replaces damaged cartilage with an implant that bends and flexes easily. Ankle replacement can relieve ankle pain and increase mobility. It can take half the recovery time of the traditional ankle fusion procedure.

About CARTIVA Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI)
CARTIVA SCI addresses big toe arthritis. The implant replaces the damaged cartilage surface of the big toe to help reduce the pain and stiffness in your big toe. Unlike the traditional procedure, big toe fusion, CARTIVA SCI does not lock the toe joint in place, allowing retainment of mobility and range of motion.

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