Hip & Knee


In addition to uses in the shoulder, foot and ankle, and upper extremities, GRAFTJACKET NOW Matrix has numerous applications around the large joints of the body. GRAFTJACKET NOW Matrix can be used to augment deficient hip and knee capsular tissue following total joint revision surgery. GRAFTJACKET NOW Matrix can also be used to reinforce primary repair of the quadriceps and patellar tendons surrounding the knee. Additionally, the GRAFTJACKET NOW Matrix can be used as a periosteal patch for bone graft containment in total joint replacement cases.1
HADM Reference:
Rosenthal, HG. Acellular Human Collagen Membrane Utilized as a Pseudo-Periosteum to Aid in the Repair of Allograft/Host Junctions in Tumor Surgery. Wright Medical Technology, Inc., SK133-504, 2004.