Other Foot & Ankle


In addition to Achilles tendon repair augmentation, GRAFTJACKET NOW Matrix is also commonly used to augment the smaller tendons and ligaments of the foot and ankle. These include the posterior tibial tendon, the peroneal tendons, the flexor and extensor tendons, and the ligaments of the lateral ankle complex.

Lateral Ankle Stablilization

Sprains of the lateral ankle are extremely common in the athletic population. While the majority of these sprains can be treated with a functional ankle-rehabilitation program, an estimated 15% to 20% require surgical intervention due to recurrent instability and reinjury.

The Modified Bröstrom-Gould Technique provides for reinforcing the repair to limit inversion, the likelihood of re-injury, and correcting the subtalar component of the instability.1

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Posterior Tibial Tendon Reinforcement

Rupture or dysfunction of the posterior tibial tendon (PTT) is the most common cause of acquired flat-foot disease in the adult population. Etiology of PTT dysfunction can vary but is largely attributed to traumatic, inflammatory and degenerative causes. In cases of Stage-I or Stage-II, PTT insufficiency associated with hindfoot valgus, medial foot pain, a mobile subtalar joint and joint weakness, reinforcement with a flexor tendon may be indicated with associated repair of the PTT.1 The use of GRAFTJACKET NOW Matrix eliminates the morbidity associated with use of an autograft, while providing robust reinforcement.

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