David’s Story

David, GRAFTJACKET Regenerative Tissue Matrix Recipient
In 2000, David was working on a bulldozer when he slipped and fell. He tried to catch himself, but instead, he landed on his shoulder, tearing his rotator cuff.

David1 He coped with the pain by taking painkillers, anti-inflammatories and cortisone shots. Since his work was very physical – clearing land, building roads and paths — it was very difficult to maneuver with throbbing pain in his shoulder. Operating heavy machinery with a shoulder injury compromised his livelihood. Over the next few years, the pain got progressively worse.

David2He was treated at his local VA hospital and met Dr. Jim Bond of the Bone & Joint Hospital on one of his rotations. After evaluating David’s left shoulder, Dr. Bond recommended a surgery with the GRAFTJACKET Regenerative Tissue Matrix. David underwent surgery during which his massive rotator cuff tear was repaired through several small incisions using a scope. Since his shoulder was in such poor condition, the GRAFTJACKETMatrix was used to help reinforce the surgical repair. Ultimately, GRAFTJACKET® Matrix allows revascularization of the host tissue and the result is a reinforcing graft that goes in strong to restore shoulder function. David reports that his results have been wonderful. After years of awful pain, he thought he had no hope until he came out of surgery.

David3“Ever since I woke up from surgery, I have yet to have any pain. When I went to physical therapy I had a little discomfort with other parts of my arm but this was because I hadn’t moved muscles in so long. Plus, I didn’t have to take any painkillers. Before I had surgery, I couldn’t reach out and pick up a cup of coffee off the table.”

Life has changed for David. Now, semi-retired, he is able to truly enjoy life. He recently went on a cruise and went deep sea fishing, something he couldn’t do before. With his doctor’s permission, David has even been able to return to his horsemanship activities without any trouble.

These results are specific to this individual only. Individual results and activity levels after surgery vary and depend on many factors including age, weight and prior activity level.
There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery and there are certain individuals who should not undergo surgery.
Only a physician can tell you if this product and associated procedure are right for you and your unique circumstances. Please consult with a physician for complete information regarding benefits, risks and possible outcomes.

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GRAFTJACKET™ Patient Testimonial – David