Patient Testimonials

Charles' only regret is that he wasn’t treated sooner. Today, he suffers from only minor work-related aches and pains, and is pleased that he has “gotten my life back.”

Life has changed for David. Now, semi-retired, he is able to truly enjoy life. He recently went on a cruise and went deep sea fishing, something he couldn't do before.

Today, Dr. Wasilewski is doing very well. His rehabilitation period was relatively easy following the GRAFTJACKET Matrix procedure, and he hasn't experienced major pain or movement issues.

A mere seven months after his attack, Ike’s shoulder has completely healed and his arm is fully functioning. “I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Roxy's recovery was quick and relatively painless compared to the pain she had been experiencing. Just two months after surgery, she was back to dancing.

"If it weren't for my second surgery, I might not have been able to ever return to work and I certainly would not be thinking about playing golf again. I'm thrilled to start living my life again!"

“I’m so thankful that GRAFTJACKET was available, as it was really my only option to get my life back. Some people are content to just pull up a chair and sit on the sidelines—that will never be me.”