Roxy’s Story

Roxy, GRAFTJACKET Regenerative Tissue Matrix Recipient

roxy1Roxy is a 15-year-old teen who has been dancing since she was three. She dances every style: ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap and hip hop. Roxy’s mother, Shannon, says, “my daughter doesn’t have a favorite style, she loves them all.”

Maintaining a demanding dance practice schedule and preparing for performances, Roxy started to experience sharp pain in her right ankle. Assuming that she was just sore from her long rehearsals, Roxy ignored the pain and waited for it to go away. Gradually the pain increased and the more she danced, the worse it became. Every day after practice, Roxy had to ice her ankle to decrease the swelling and pain. After consulting with multiple doctors and foot specialists, it was determined that she had underestimated the extent of her injury. Roxy had torn several ligaments in her ankle, and they needed to be repaired.

The only options the doctors offered her were to quit dancing altogether or grin and bear the pain. Since Roxy’s passion is dancing, giving it up was not an option. She continued to dance and endured the pain in her ankle, but eventually it became so painful that even icing it down after dancing provided no relief.

roxy2Her mom, Shannon, was at the gym when she learned about an upcoming seminar on foot and ankle injuries. Shannon attended and was introduced to Dr. Skorman, who encouraged her to set up an appointment for Roxy. Dr. Skorman suggested surgically repairing the torn ligaments in Roxy’s ankle and reinforcing the repair with GRAFTJACKET Regenerative Tissue Matrix. GRAFTJACKET Matrix is a human tissue graft designed to help the body repair itself as quickly as possible. The graft is incorporated into tendon and /or ligament naturally by the body, reinforcing the surgical repair.

roxy3On September 15, 2006, Roxy was surgically treated with GRAFTJACKET Matrix. The tissue matrix was used to augment the surgical repair of the torn tendons. By doing so, the graft was able to support the body for rebuilding this area. Roxy’s recovery was quick and relatively painless compared to the pain she had been experiencing. Just two months after surgery, she was back to dancing. “Dr. Skorman is a blessing, without him Roxy may have had to give up her love,” said Shannon.

Roxy is back to her full training schedule and is preparing to compete in her first post-surgery dance competition in five months.

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